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Now What I Was Christian Shirts

Our Ken's Christian t-shirts
 designs are inspiring people all over the world. Here is a short truth based on one of our popular Christian t-shirts Few things speak of total transformation like the Caterpillar and the Butterfly. Sure there are those little toys that turn from a family sedan into a well-armed robot. But that’s more about rearranging existing parts into a new configuration – a cannon here, a ski rack there, you get the picture as illustrated in our Christian shirts .
Back to the bug thing – Mr. Caterpillar is a real transformer. First there’s a slimy looking, creepy little worm – not much to look at. He crawls out on a stick and spins a little cocoon, takes a Rip Van Winkle size nap and voila! Out comes this totally different, amazing, delicate little flying machine in Christian apparel. (Gen 1:24) What on earth does this have to do with you and me? Well, the same Creator that designed the amazing butte…